Sedona Logo

Sedona is an international Telecommunications Fraud Management company based in Tokyo and serving clients globally. They offer a data analytics platform that leverages mobile network data to make financial and other digital services safer and easier to use.




I worked closely with Sedona’s CEO to design and build a website that would support immediate sales efforts by professionally conveying the company’s service offerings, as well as strengthenening the brand image for their next round of investment.

Technologies Used

Material UI
Sedona Mobile Designs

Website Design

This site was designed mobile first in order to aid the CEO and sales members at parties or events when introducing Sedona. The site’s design mixes Google’s Material Design language with a feeling of both interconnected city networks and beautiful, wide-open nature. The name ‘Sedona’ was taken from a Sedona, Arizona, USA, a inspiring place for the CEO and known for its scenic red sandstone formations. If you look closely, the logo’s icon is both a sandstone formation and signal waves representing telecommunications. With a combination of high contrast colors (dark grey, white, orange), Material Design components and icons, and simple but effective layout, the site conveys the company as adept, exciting, and refreshing.

Sedona SPA Code Screenshot

Frontend Development

The Sedona site is a Single Page Application created in React.js. We decided to forgo a CMS like or Contentful at the time in order to finish the site quickly. Perhaps we will integrate one later on as the site’s content increases. Rather than making a quick HTML/CSS/JavaScript website, I chose to build the site in React.js in order to create both the site and a components library at the same time. This will make expanding the site faster and more efficient in the future. The site’s foundation is built with React components from the Material UI library, based on Google’s Material Design.

The site was the first project that I worked on in an industry completely unfamiliar to me. But through patience and many iterations, I was able to build something that both the CEO and I are proud of. Surprisingly, building this site has also led to many beneficial business relationships. It continues to be a great experience.