SnapHabit Logo

SnapHabit is a social habit building app that empowers users to live more enriching lives through accountability with shared positive habits. Created by a team of ex and current Google employees, I joined the team to aid with brand and UI UX design one year after they began.


JULY 2020 – AUGUST 2020


When I joined the team, SnapHabit had already created a loyal userbase with their value-adding application. In order to grow further, they wanted to improve their service with a professional looking brand and UX UI improvements. High quality products encourage repeat use and word of mouth marketing so we believed that UX UI improvements would encourage growth.

Technologies Used

SnapHabit Brand Overview

Brand Design

Growth became our keyword. I created a brand and branding kit that focused on growth. Other keywords for our social habit building app included community, togetherness, abundance, support, and energy. The logo is at the same time a tree (symbolizing growth) and three arrows pointing upward (symbolizing constant improvement). The font Avenir was chosen for its simplicity, human nature qualities, and honesty. SnapHabit imagery examples are warm, inclusive, high quality, positive, attractive, uplifting, and motivational. The brand colors resemble growth, vibrance, and positive energy.

SnapHabit App Home Screen Before and After

UX UI Improvement Design: Home

The main function of the app revolves around a grid on the home screen where users can log their habit completions for the day and track their progress over time. One UX improvement project focused on permeating the new brand through the home screen and measuring its effect on daily usage. In this before and after, you can see how colors are updated to brand colors. Also, ample white space is given to an inherently cramped space using an 8-point grid. The user’s name and profile image are used at the top to grow affinity for the app through personalization. You’ll also notice that some tiles have pictures in them. These represent the “picture of the day” for each habit for the new notes function (described below).

SnapHabit Notes

UX UI Feature Design: Notes

Another UX UI improvement project included design for adding notes (similar to a quick journal entry with ability to add text and an image) to each of the tiles. These notes would provide a reflective journal aspect for the user and eventually populate a habit news feed. I designed an unobstructive way to add notes to tiles on the home screen via a sheet that pops up after a long press on its correlating tile. The user could then mark their success for the day, add a daily image, write how the habit made them feel that day, log their mood, etc. We believed that this notes functionality would encourage retention by making the app fell more personal while also giving us content to populate a feed in the future.

Though the SnapHabit team disbanded before many of my updates could be implemented, I enjoyed my time working with the team. I learned rapid prototyping design and how to work 100% remotely in different countries/time zones with the core development team.