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Digital Designer (web, app, product, UX, UI), Frontend Developer, and Digital Producer with 6 years of professional experience in the US and APAC.

Joshua Worley solves complicated problems with simple solutions.


Services Offered

  • Branding
  • App & Product Design
  • Web Design & Coding
  • Consulting


For examples of brands that I’ve designed, please see the Namonai project, the SnapHabit project, and the PKMASA project.

A professional brand visually communicates your company’s value to your target market. Brand includes not only design (like fonts, colors, or imagery) but also a created personality. Is your brand friendly? Minimalist? Strong? Inclusive? Sexy? Intelligent? A good brand is like a good friend. When you see it, and you connect with it, you latch on. And you can’t really imagine what life was like before you met them.

This is how customers feel about your brand. As customers exchange their money for your services, they subconsciously are exchanging value to belong to an experience that aligns with their thoughts and values. And when it’s a good match, they love it.

Investing in a professional brand means investing in customer loyalty. It means investing in an experience that your customers will love and come back to again and again.

For questions or opportunities regarding branding, please inquire.

App & Product Design

For examples of mobile apps that I’ve designed, please see the Namonai project and the SnapHabit project.

Do you have an idea for a digital service that will change the future? Robust, well thought UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design is the foundation for your app and digital service’s success. Think of all of the apps that you love to use every day – from Spotify music streaming to YouTube video streaming to Chick-Fil-A ordering. These apps all began as business ideas, then were transformed into digital experiences so real that we can almost touch them. Their foundation was beautiful, well thought-out UX and UI design.

When designing apps, my focus leans primarily on UX (user experience) design meeting business needs because I have seen many pretty apps unfortunately leave customers confused due to poor UX planning. Once both designer and business love the UX design, we move to UI design to incorporate brand and make the app feel like your own.

For questions or opportunities regarding app design, please inquire.

Web Design & Coding

For examples of websites that I’ve designed and coded, please see the Namonai project, the Sedona project, and the PKMASA project.

In the 21st century, if your product or service does not have a website, does it even exist? When the concept of a website was created in the 1990s, it was originally intended to be public document that anyone with an internet connection could access. Since then, the role and scope of websites has evolved exponentially to include webapps, online services, blogs, and a digital version almost anything you can imagine.

Depending on the complexity of your idea for a website, I may recommend a DIY approach like SquareSpaceShopify, or and guide you if it’s simple enough. Although from my experience, more often than not, those wishing to start an online business require a bit more customization. This is when people like me will build/code a custom solution.

No matter what platform you use, the most important thing is to make sure that your website achieves your business goals. And we achieve this through comprehensive UX design.

For questions or opportunities regarding web design and coding, please inquire.


I offer a variety of consulting services related to digital product design, website design, UX UI design, project management, frontend engineering, and digital marketing. Through my professional experience in each of these disciplines in corporate and startup settings (in both Japanese and English) I have seen what works and what doesn’t. I have learned why most projects fail while a very few succeed with a bang.

What separates me from other digital consultants? Fundamentally, it’s my organization skills, empathy, sense of objective reality, understanding of different departments’ thought processes, and ability to see how all of the tiny parts fit together. In a word, it’s how I’ve processed and used my professional experience.

Consulting is, by definition, flexible and case by case. As such, my consulting services are flexible and case by case. Allow me to help solve your complicated problem with simple solutions.

For questions or opportunities regarding consulting, please inquire.

Highlighted Project


Namonai Logo

Namonai is an online fine art management platform based in Tokyo. The company helps undiscovered Japanese artists manage and sell their artwork globally through digital marketing and custom web applications.




Founder Akira Wang has a dream to change the art industry in Japan and empower budding artists through cutting edge tech. He asked me to design Namonai’s brand, webapp (website) and portfolio builder tool. After designing, I collaborated with fullstack engineer Alex King to code the webapp and portfolio builder tool (they are both included in one simple codebase), coding most of the frontend.

Technologies Used

Namonai Brand Overview

Brand Design

Namonai is a service that nurtures aspiring artists, while helping them expand globally. Because the focus is not on the brand per say, but rather the artists' creations, we opted for a clean, minimal brand in order to put the focus on the artists and their artwork. Some key words include innovative, digital, simple, calm, sophisticated, and easy. We chose a mature color palette with mostly gray-tone colors, matching mature imagery, soft transitions, modest white space, and a variant of the Hamsa (eye of God) as the logo.

All of these characteristics come together to create a brand that resonates the company’s mission: “To support aspiring artists in Japan and the rest of the world by offering them exposure through an innovative platform where they can market and sell their art.”

Namonai Website

Web Design and Frontend Coding

The current Webapp (website) has gone through three redesigns from August to October 2020 because the brand and sales team's needs have pivoted three times. The site is designed to have minimal information while also being content driven. The benefits of the service are laid out instantly on the homepage with no gimmicks or flashy sales talk. As the service continues to develop (AR tools and a Pinterest-like social media feature coming soon), the website design will continue to evolve, though the design principles will stay in-tact.

Special care was taken to optimize UX UI design for phone, tablet, and desktop sizes. Users are using their phones and tablets to upload information, then desktops to organize and export. All contents (100%!) are translated in both Japanese and English for transparency.

Namonai Portfolio Builder App

Portfolio App Design and Frontend Coding

The portfolio builder tool is Namonai’s first tool to help artists manage and share artwork. Working with the team and artists to design its user flow and functionality was an innovative challenge.

When we surveyed our initial 16 artists, a glaringly key learning arose in the qualitative data: these artists have no streamlined way to organize their collections. Some were using Microsoft Excel to organize, while most had no organization at all, making it hard to keep track of how much they charged for their artwork, what was sold, etc. With Namonai’s mobile-first portfolio builder tool, artists can now easily take pictures of their artwork and upload information to the platform. They then organize their artwork into collections, and instantly create a portfolio collection page to be printed or shared with anyone via a simple custom link.

Namonai continues to be a fascinating project combining a true service that helps people with exciting design challenges and cutting-edge technology.

Other Projects

SnapHabit Logo


JULY 2020 – AUGUST 2020


Sedona Logo




Cunard logo

Web Design

January 2019 - March 2019 Website Redesign





Thank You

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